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Domain Reseller Registration
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* Enter your username and password of the account you would like to make a Virtual Registrar. If you do not have an account with AITDomains, click here to create an account.
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Rate Information
* Enter the prices you would like to charge for each type of service. If you would like to disable Back Ordering or Monitoring, uncheck the checkbox beside their heading. ** Rates may not drop below the AITDomains defined minimum values as shown in the boxes below.
  com net org info us biz
Our Price 9.51 9.51 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00
ICANN & REG Surcharge 0.67 0.67 0.18 0.18 0.18 0.18
  My Retail / My Cost My Retail / My Cost My Retail / My Cost My Retail / My Cost My Retail / My Cost My Retail / My Cost
Payment Information
* Credits or debits to your account will be made only per the online Virtual Registrar service agreement.
Routing Number   (9-digit number appears in the lower left corner of your checks)
Account Number    (set of numbers following the routing number - do not include check number)
Email Information
* Enter the email address that your customers can reach you at and the signature line for your emails. (This email address will be the reply to email address in the confirmation email messages sent.
From Address
Signature Line
Desired Host Name
* Please provide the desired third level name you want for your Virtual Registrar system URL. This is where you and your customers will go to log into your Virtual Registrar system.
Host Name .nameservices.net
Header and Footer
* Customize the look and feel of your virtual registry by entering html code for the header and footer for your interface. The header and footer may contain a style sheet to change the look of links and headings throughout the application. If you want to use the default style sheet, you can omit that. The header and footer is not required, so you may leave these fields blank.
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